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Models U-1002 and U-1002 Knob are most suitable for residential uses, combining low price and easy to use. They are available in both gold plated and brushed brass finishes.
Adding or deleting keys can be easily accomplished on the lock; there are no requirements for software. The lock can store up to 250 user keys without an extended memory. In addition, the lock requires very low energy consumption, 4 AA Alkaline batteries work over 10,000 normal door-opening operations.
,An ordinary iButton (DS1990 chip) as user key, with has 64 digits code, can't be duplicated
,Add/delete keys through lock self. No software needed. No addition accessories
,4 AA batteries. Last up to two years or 10,000 times operation. (low power warning from lock CPU)
,Knob style available (Model 1002K)
,Mechanical key for emergency usage
,Single latch (60mm or 70mm)

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